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  • Welcome to,
    a site specifically made to help you find that car you've been looking for. We have put together a web site to help you, the consumer, get through the jungle of car buying and selling without losing your money or your mind.

    Everyone dreads buying cars and selling cars. It can be time consuming and stress inducing. We understand this, which is why we created this site. We have broken this site down into specific topics to help guide you through the car buying/selling jungle as easily as possible. We've also added many links to get you to the information you need. Please feel free to print any pages you need or any sections that will help you along in your venture.

    We have been through this process many times and know how frustrating it can be. That is why we created this site: to help you! We wanted to pass on what our experiences have taught us about the car market. The car market is a big place to get lost in so we set this up to guide you through it.


    New Car Buying Tips
    Buying new cars can be tricky business but is here to help. Our goal is to make car buying a pleasant experience. By following our step-by-step process, you'll be able to buy a car you're happy with and get monthly payments that won't deplete you bank account.

    Many people are intimidated by the abundance of choices and the prospect of having to deal with a salesman but if you do your homework and you prepare yourself by knowing exactly what you want and exactly what you want to spend, it's easy as walking into a dealership and letting them know what you're there for. Not being intimidated often intimidates them. Using online quote systems are an easy way to know what's out there and how much you should be paying. and use an easy form to let you pick out the car and options you want and to give you a good price to use for comparison. You can also buy cars through these sites. Our guide to buying your new car will walk you through all the information you will need to know what you're looking for and how to get it. ...more on new car buying >>

    Used Car Buying Tips
    As with buying a new car, there are many do's and don'ts when it comes to buying a used car. Buying a used car can be a lot trickier than buying a new car. When buying a used car there are more concerns about what may already be breaking or what's already been fixed. Another concern with buying a used car is a warranty. Over half of the used cars out there today are being sold "as is". Buying an "as is" car is very risky. Once you hand over that money and sign your name on the dotted line, that car is your problem no matter what happens.

    Not all aspects of buying a used car are bad. Used cars can be the smartest way to go sometimes. If you are living on limited means, a used car is a great idea if bought outright. If you are not going to finance the used car, you will only have to get liability insurance which is much cheaper than full coverage which is required when financing any car. Another bonus of a used car is that a used car won't have all the added fees attached to the price like a new car would. When buying a new car, the dealership adds fees like cleaning, shipping, and many more. A used car, even when bought from a lot, will not have the majority of these fees. If you find that you are in the market to buy a used car and you need some extra cash, try for a car loan. By following our simple steps, you can cut the risk of buying a car that is bound to fall apart and become a money pit for you. ...more on used car buying >>

    Dealer Tricks
    Most people dread going to buy a new car for one simple reason, the salesmen. Now I'm not saying all salesmen are out to get you but we've all seen our fair share of deceptive salesmen who use tricks or play on words to get that sale and make that commission. Now days, most car dealerships are trying to become "customer friendly".

    To help you find a good dealership and weed through the bad, we've compiled a list of dealer tricks and how to avoid them. If you ever find yourself in any of these situations, don't be afraid to call the salesman on his tactic and leave the dealership. You can also let the salesperson know that you are leaving because of their trick and that you will not be back to that dealership to buy your new car. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising and dealerships know this. Once you weed out the dealerships with poor customer service and poor sales tactics and find one you like and trust, you will be a loyal customer to that dealership and maybe even that particular salesman.

    Make sure you browse through our list to familiarize yourself with these tricks before you go to a dealership. Don't get caught unaware. Although we've only listed the tricks we've seen first hand, we know there are many more tricks that dealerships/salesman will try to play on unsuspecting customers. If you have encountered any new ones we have not listed and would like to share with others and expose all the tricks we can, please email them to us at ...more on dealer tricks and scams >>


    Car Leasing: How to and Tips
    This section is designed to help you understand all the terms and terminology of leasing a new or used car. Leasing a car is a great way to drive a new model car and be able to switch to a newer one every couple of years without the hassle of trying to sell your old car or trade it in. Leasing has become more popular lately and seems to continue growing in popularity. The lack of commitment to one car entices many people. Leasing also has the benefits of lower monthly payments than buying a car, a low up front cost, and a solid warranty that will cover you for the entire term of your lease. Use or to help you determine what kind of lease you could get into.

    If you are one of those people that like to buy a car and stick with it for a while, leasing will not be for you. But, if you love the idea of low monthly payments and getting another late model car in 2 - 3 years then leasing is for you. It can be a little tricky and the terminology gets a little confusing but we have put together a solid list of terms and a good description of the leasing process to help clear up any misunderstandings to help you get into that lease without hesitation. ...more on how to lease a car >>

    Leasing Vs. Buying
    This section was created to help those who are unsure if they would rather lease or buy. Both options have their bonuses and drawbacks. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the differences between the two and offered answers on both. Please read this section if you are unsure which option is better for you because it should help you decide what is right for you. If you have any other questions, we would be happy to try and get you an answer. Please feel free to email us at

    Many people are confused by the different terms and the differences in the policies and cost of leasing vs. buying. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Until we started really looking into our options, we really didn't know what the differences truly were. This guide is really helpful and takes a lot of the confusion out. ...more on leasing vs. buying >>


    Lemon & Vehicle History Check: How to
    Lemon and vehicle history checks are fast and easy and can save you a great deal of money in the end. Don't be caught in a bad situation with a car you just bought that has a laundry list of problems. Take the time to check on that used car. It could keep you from spending more money than the car is worth on repairs.

    Lemon checks and vehicle history check are easy to do and can save you so much time and money in the long run that it's not even worth thinking about not doing. Using the VIN# (Vehicle Identification Number), which is located in several different places on the car, you can obtain information about the car that you might never have known otherwise. You will be able to find out if the car has ever been wrecked or junked or damaged. This is such an important thing to do when buying a used car. This section gives you the how to knowledge that could save you stress and money in the end. ...more on lemonchecks / vehicle history reports >>


    How to Sell a Used Car
    Selling your used car can be time consuming but if you know what to do and how to do it, you will be able to get a good price for it and sell it relatively quickly. Under most circumstances, selling your used car privately will get you more money for it then trading it in will. This section gives a list of tips and pointers to selling your used car and making sure you get top dollar for it.

    Patience is a virtue, so they say, and it probably couldn't be more true then when you are trying to sell a used car. Make sure you start to sell your used car before it HAS to be sold. Once you've decided you would like to start looking into buying a new car, start selling your old one first. If you wait to long to try to sell it, you might get desperate and drop below what you wanted for the car.

    If you are getting ready to sell your used car, take a minute to look over our list and see if there's anything you may have missed that might help you get a little more for your used car. ...more on how to sell your car >>

    Used Car Value/Trade-ins
    Part of the stress of selling or trading in your used car is trying to get a good price for it. How do you know what its worth? How do you up its value? How do you make sure you're getting what its worth? These are just a few of the questions we hope to answer.

    This section gives you some advise on how to determine what your car is worth, how much it should be sold for, and how to trade it in without losing everything on it. Take a few minutes to read this over before you decide what you want to sell your car for. The most important thing is to be realistic. Remember, you can't up the price for emotional attachment. Just be logical and don't be greedy and you should be able to sell your car for what its worth. ...more on used car private & trade in values >>


    Extended Warranty, Tips and Scams
    Extended warranties are very confusing. Every dealership will tell you that you definitely need one and trust me they will offer you the most expensive one they've got. Don't buy into this. Extended warranties are useful and important but they don't need to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Extended warranties are warranties you would purchase to cover your needs once the dealer warranty has ended. Extended warranties are nothing more than service agreements between the warranty company and yourself. These are policies stating that the warranty company will pay for all repairs listed in that warranty. If your new car doesn't come with a warranty that suits your needs, you may want to purchase an extended warranty. has many different warranties available and lists the specifics of each one so you can determine what will work the best for you.

    This section lists and explains different extended warranties and tells you how to get the one you're looking for. ... more on extended warranties and avoiding scams >>

    Roadside Coverage Tips
    This section goes over what any good roadside assistance policy should cover. Roadside coverage is extremely important and can save you time, money, and frustration. Read this section to make sure that your roadside coverage has everything you need or if you don't have coverage, what you should have in a policy. ...more on roadside coverage buying >>

    Car Insurance, How to Get Good Rates
    Everyone hates getting insurance but it's the law and it needs to be done. Outlined in this section is different types of insurance and what they cover. We also cover money saving tips such as how to get only what you need and how much insurance you really do need. Make sure you check online resources like to see what kind of rates are available. They're free quotes can really help you save money. Insurance salesman can try to push a ton of policies on you but knowing what you really need is more than half the battle. ...more on getting good auto insurance rates >>

    As you can see, we have tried to cover any areas that might cause you to hesitate getting into that new or used car you want. We hope that this site will help ease any fears that are holding you back. If nothing else, we hope to have helped you understand anything you may have been unclear on. Buying and selling cars can be fun if you have confidence in what you're doing. Besides, doesn't everyone enjoy hoping into a great car and driving away knowing you got what you wanted?