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    Auto Loan Payment Calulator

    lets  you know just how much  vehicle you can afford (After all down payments, trade-ins,etc. have been deducted from the total price). Enter values in the fields below to find out how much your loan would be with the given number of monthly payments, the annual interest rate, and the maximum amount of the monthly payment you can afford. All you need to do is enter the term of your loan. # of months, interest rate, & the loan amount 

    # of Months

    Interest Rate

    Loan Amount

    Monthly Payment



    Enter the number of months

    • For a 2-year loan, enter 24
    • For a 3-year loan, enter 36
    • For a 4-year loan, enter 48
    • For a 5-year loan, enter 60

    Interest Rate
    Enter the interest rate. If the rate is 6.65 APR, enter 6.65

    Loan Amount
    Enter the amount of the loan. If the amount is $11,995 enter 11995

    Monthly Payment
    To calculate your monthly car payment, click the Enter button.