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    Roadside coverage warranties are extremely important. Roadside coverage covers all of the small problems that can happen at any time while you're driving. The following is a list of items included in most roadside coverage policies:

    Fixing flat tires
    Bring gas when you run out
    Fill necessary fluids
    Battery jump
    Opening up a car when you're locked out
    Tow truck dispatch
    Hotel discounts
    Rental car discounts
    Cab dispatch
    Insurance discounts
    Financial services
    Minor mechanical help
    Towing (within a certain number of miles)
    Engine diagnostic services
    Free maps for travel

    Any of the above can be a time consuming hassle. Roadside assistance coverage makes sure you have help at these times.

    Roadside assistance coverage is available in most simple warranties offered by the dealership. These can be costly if the dealership wants to make a profit off of them. The best way to get roadside assistance coverage is to buy it in an extended warranty from an outside source. These policies can be a better value and offer more coverage than the standard dealership warranty.

    There are sites on the internet that offer quotes for warranties. These sites, for example, can be a great tool. Use them to get free quotes for you warranty needs and then choose the best suited policy and the best price you can find.

    Don't be caught on the side of the road with no help. Make sure you get a decent roadside assistance coverage plan and it will pay for itself.